Thursday, July 1, 2010
Posted by Bobby Beck at 8:54 AM
Siggraph is coming!!!

Siggraph is just around the corner and we have a bunch of AWESOME things in store!!! Here's one of the first discussions we are holding and I hope this wets your appetite in a huge way!

Animation Blockbuster Breakdown
Shawn Kelly, lead animator, Industrial Light Magic; and co-founder, Animation Mentor; Carlos Baena, animator, Pixar Animation Studios; and co-founder, Animation Mentor; Eric Goldberg, supervising animator, Walt Disney Animation Studios; Michael Makarewicz, animator, Pixar Animation Studios; Aaron Hartline, animator, Pixar Animation Studios; and Animation Mentor
Animation industry veterans break down shots from your favorite animated films. In 10-minute presentations, they each show two animated shots from recent feature films, summarize the challenges they experienced with each shot, and reveal new ways to approach the craft of animation.

A little birdy told me that we'll be seeing some Spainish buzz and Mr. Potato head as a flour tortilla shots being broken down among others! OMG I'm SOOOO there!!!