Thursday, May 27, 2010
Posted by Bobby Beck at 8:24 AM
The Wheel of Life

I've been excited to share this post for a while. This is an exercise that my life coach gave me several years back. I now do this exercise about every 3 to 6 months of my life and evaluate the wheel based on the previous 3 - 6 month span.

Using this is simple, which is why I think it is so powerful. Try it out if you'd like and see what it does for you. I've used this many times to see where I was blocked and then used that information to unblock myself by taking action around the areas that needed improvement. I've also found this to be something that has helped me unblock creative lulls. I hope you enjoy this and find it useful. I'd love to hear from you in your experience if you should choose to try it out.

1. Download the WHEEL OF LIFE here.
2. For each area of your life put a tick mark on that line. This is not scientific, so put your mark on the place that feels right for you.
3. The wheel evaluates where you are at in 8 fundamental areas of your life. There may be more for you and you can add as you see fit. I use these 8 only as I feel it encompasses the major areas of my life.
4. After you are done making your dots on the line, go ahead and connect the dots. There is a little diagram at the bottom of the page (PDF) that shows you what this looks like when completed.
5. Look at your wheel. If this were a wheel on a car how would your car drive? Would the ride be pretty smooth or are there big chunks that need some attention to help make the ride of your life more smooth?
6. This exercise has been one of the biggest things for me in the last couple of years and this exercise alone has worked wonders for me in understanding where to put some attention where it is needed.

I hope this exercise is as powerful for some of you as it has been for me. Thanks for staying engaged and reading through this. Enjoy.