Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:26 AM
"Shut the duck up..."
One thing I've been coming across in my conversations with people is that there is a lot of mind chatter/insecurities going on. Part of my life's path is learning to quiet the chatter and learn to simply be. I can honestly say that this is indeed a journey. I don't have this nailed down, by any means. Yet I'd like to share some things I've learned to quiet the voices and be a more present me. Perhaps some of these may resonate with you. Take or leave what you like:

1. I read a book that described the insecure voices in our heads like a duck quacking. The guy went on to say we need to learn how to, "Shut the duck up." I thought this was a fun, playful way of looking at the situation. I use this saying to myself and with my life coach all the time. It's a nice way to identify there is a quacking going on and then putting a fun idea around it that makes me able to smile when it comes up.

2. I've recommended this before, Eckhart Tolle's book, "The Power of Now" has been a HUGE life changer for me. Perhaps it just came in to my life at the right time. I'm happy to have been able to GET the point that there is an importance in just being. I used to think I needed to always be DOING something in order to feel productive. Whoops ;)

3. Whenever there is a situation that I can not control the outcome of, which is pretty much ANY situation, I identify that I am creating a mind war, then I try to "turn it off," or at least down. I do this by consciously noting that I am going down a path (letting the duck quack LOUDLY) then I make a decision to stop thinking those things as all it leads to is unnecessary stress. I think/do other things, things I can do; listen, smell the roses, meet a stranger, etc. I do this consciously. At first it feels contrived as it felt like I was forcing myself to "be positive" when I wasn't. Then I learned this is not what I'm doing at all. I personally believe we choose the quality of life we want to lead. We can change that in a heart beat. Having embraced this, yes, I live a happier life. I've found a way to make it authentic to me. This took some time and some dialing in. If you want to talk more about this I'd love to. This is a BIGGIE for me. :)

4. My life coach and I have discussed this next point in great detail. There will most likely always be the "gremlin voice" in our heads that are our insecurities and there's most likely no way to ever fully turn the voice off. Therefore we talk about "turning the volume down." If it's blaring at 10max, then what would it be like to turn it down to a 3? or even a 7? Over time I've learned to identify the voice and have begun to really turn it down A LOT. It takes time and practice, just like with anything.

I hope some of these points resonate with you. I hope you enjoy. Have a FANTASTIC day!

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