Monday, August 3, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:22 PM
Animation Mentor launches the Summer Showcase Reel
Today the Animation Mentor Summer Showcase reel launched. We're so incredibly happy with the quality of work and dedication that has gone in to this. It's nice as I really feel it shows a good variety of work and also shows a depth to the "look" of the work, too. We've had some comments from recruiters that it would be nice to "mix it up a bit" and I"m proud to say that we've done a lot to mix it up and the next showcase reel will REALLY reflect a lot in these changes that we've made to add the variety to the work and reels. Here are some things we've done and are doing:

1. Bishop has a variety of looks and styles to him/her. Students are getting more creative each and every time they do an assignment; putting different hair styles and clothes and really designing their shots keeping this in mind for their final pieces.
2. The new curriculum has a lot of new assignments which will and have really mixed things up showing a greater overall variety.
3. Stewie now has a "costume picker" which allows students to choose from a variety of pre-defined costumes and sets that we've created. This will reflect in the next showcase.

Overall these small changes will make a HUGE difference in the quality of work coming and out and this showcase should give you a good sample of that. Enjoy and please let me know what you think! WOO HOO!
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