Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 9:18 PM
Animation Mentor Power Sessions Part 1
Over the last couple of weeks my life has been Animation Mentor from head-to-toe! It's been so inspiring hosting and participating in so many fantastic events! It was a pleasure meeting so many inspired students and graduates from all over the world.

NOTE: To view the photos be sure to add AM on your Facebook: www.facebook.com/AnimationMentor

Here's a list and snaps/pictures from the events:
• An Open House at the Animation Mentor HQ
• Animation Mentor's Career Fair
• Animation Mentor's Summer Graduation Ceremony
• The Annual Animation Mentor BBQ
• A Webinar with Don Hahn - click for replay

Spike is now a chef! Watch out!!! :)

Christa and Melissa welcome AMers to the Career Fair!

This is the stuff I LOVE to see. Alumni coming out to support the current graduates and having a blast. So stoked to see so much love and support going around. If you weren't there you wouldn't believe it if I told you how freaking awesome it is to be around this energy! WOW!

I was also fortunate enough to host a webinar with Don Hahn, the editor of the two book set "Drawn to Life," by Walt Stanchfield! It was such an honor to host this and I'm so stoked we're offering it for people to view for FREE! Click Here to view it. Enjoy!

So with that I'm getting a couple moments of rest and then getting ready to hit Animation Mentor Power Sessions Part 2 at Comic Con and then at Siggraph! It's going to be a VERY BUSY next couple of weeks and I'm SOOOOOOO looking forward to it! WOOT WOOT! Hope to see some more of you soon. I'll also be blogging more while at the events!

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