Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 2:51 PM
Animation Mentor looking to host live Improv Class in the Bay Area: looking for your feedback
I had lunch today with Rebecca Stockley and Luci Napier. We were discussing the possibility of doing a live, in-person improv class for animators. Rebecca has taught improv to Pixar, DreamWorks and Disney animators. She knows her stuff and I think these classes could be a HUGE value add to people who experience "animators block." Who doesn't experience that stuff?!

She was discussing charging $250 for a 6 week training session meeting once a week for 3 hours. I wanted to put this out there to see if this is something people would be interested in. It would be a physical workshop in the Bay Area and one that we may open up to the general animation community. Please post your thoughts, suggestions and comments here. This could be the beginning of something really cool and is something that could possibly spread to other areas of the world depending on the need.

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