Monday, July 27, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:23 AM
Animation Mentor at Comic Con 2009
I just got back from Comic Con 2009. I wanted to blog while at the convention, however the connection at my hotel was the slowest thing ever. No worries, I'm here to report the fun activities that ensued!

Animation Mentor along with Animation Magazine hosted a panel which was, for me, the highlight of Comic Con. It was so freaking amazing to be in the presence of so many fantastically talented animators. In this picture Don Hahn talks about the new books "Drawn to Life" while Eric Goldberg listens intently.

The panel was all around the power of mentorship highlighting Walt Stachfield, author of the "Drawn to Life" books. Many stories were shared that highlighted the importance of seeking stimulation and a sense of breadth in ones life to be the best animator you can be. In this photo, Tom Sito and Ruben Procopio listen to Glen Keane as he talks about how Walt Stanchfield was not one of the 9 old men, but was equally as influential on the art form; i.e. the unsung heros.

The turn out for the panel was fantastic. This is only about half of the room. From everyone I talked to it seemed like they were totally inspired and had a blast!

Glen Keane stuck around afterward and signed everyone's sketchbooks and told awesome stories. It was Glen's first time ever at Comic Con and he was so enthusiastic about all the great art and inspiration he was seeing!

Overall my time at Comic Con this year was freaking amazing. It's a total recharge to the batteries and I simply love the feeling I get there which carries on with me for a long, long time!

We did record the event however, I'm not sure if/how we are going to use it. I would suspect there will be something on some of the upcoming newsletters so stay tuned ;)

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