Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 1:06 PM
Animation Mentor @ Work
Lately we've begun doing a series of internal trainings. One was led by Jay Epperhart, super star Tech Care guru at Animation Mentor. His talk was tiled "Animation for Non-Animators." The point of this talk was to help educate everyone in the company about what makes great animation without all the technical jargon. Our hope with this was to help increase the awareness of what we do here so that people can also log on and look at student's/alumnus's work and give comments if they'd like. Thus getting people more involved. The entire company participated in this from Finance, HR all the way to the art department and technology. Way to go Jay!!!

The second was a talk given by Super Ninja Technology Specialist, Taylor Mahony! His talk centered around all the different products and services we have for students, alumni, leave of absence students etc. Again, this is all in an effort to make sure everyone in the company is educated on the different product offerings and services we have.

[Lleslle learns about Spacing]

Our company mission is: "To provide the most personal and fulfilling learning experience on the planet" and we want to make sure we are starting internally so that these are not just words we say, but life that we breathe in to all areas of what we do here!

I attended the Success Connect 2009 conference Monday and Tuesday of this week. This was a conference about a software product we are beginning to use internally to help tie all that we do in the company to the bigger picture. Ultimately it is an internal social networking tool to line up goals to strategy. Really neat and I got a lot out of it.

Things at AM are really buzzing right now. We have some cool additions we will be launching shortly. Our new "phased roll out" is working well and we've launched several new tools in beta to people. The method allows us to really gauge people's comments and usability while allowing us to work out necessary bugs before rolling it out to the entire school and alumni communities. I'd say my inspiration at work is hovering around 1,000% right now. Just wanted to share some of the really cool things happening behind the scenes. :)

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