Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:19 AM
Animation Mentor : Top Chef!
Yesterday Animation Mentor had our annual company wide team building event! I've appropriately titled this one, "TOP CHEF." We have a small group within Animation Mentor called the EEC (Employee Event Committee) who researches events and details. We keep the details of the events "secret" to the rest of the team so that it is a surprise. Unfortunately, I was out in bed sick so I missed this event. I was torn for sure! But better to take a sick day than to get everyone else sick. Overall I've heard amazing things about the event and wanted to share photos with you guys! My thought is that an inspired team creates inspired results. There's a lot of buzz around the office today and a lot of smiling faces! WOOT WOOT!!!

We have a lot of "Foodies" in the group! I love the smiling faces and overall energy in this picture!

Boy, we've gotten big! This is a feast!!!

Mmmmm, dessert!

The Aftermath! Pure delight!

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