Friday, May 29, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 7:25 PM
Animation Mentor Student Testimonials VIDEO

It's always fun when we get all the students and graduates together at Animation Mentor. Even though this is an Online Animation School it's so fantastic to hear in the student's words just how personal an experience it is for them. When we started the school that was one BIG area we feared would not work so well; would people make friendships that would last even though they were esentially working from home? You've got to remember this was well before communities like FaceBook existed. Now we know, more than ever, this is a solid way to learn, people DO make friendships, build relationships that last and learn in a way that is absolutely mind blowing! Every day I'm so proud to come to work and be a part of this magic. I can never get enough of the good vibes that people feel and I will continue to push the company forward to being the best place to learn animation on the planet and the best place that the team ever works! This is my personal mission!

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