Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 12:31 PM
Animation Mentor interview with Bobby Beck

Here is a link to an interview I just completed about the exciting and challenging aspects of Online Animation Schools. The picture of me in the interview is rather old and I need to get some new snaps, which leads me to today's post.

I've made some changes to my look/feel/style/wardrobe over the last 7 months and am super happy with how I look as I feel it reflects who I am, what my style is and the interests I have in life outside of work.

It's always tricky to change one's style as it can reflect in backlash from friends, family and I can say I definitely did/do get those comments.

When I was younger I had a similar experience with my best friend. He changed his style in such a "drastic" way that I didn't know how to handle it and, as a result, I pushed him away. During my transition to Bobby 2.0 (ha ha) This experience came back to me and I realized it was my own insecurities of "losing a great friend" that wound up pushing him away.

I have definitely grown as a result of experiences I've gone through recently but I will always maintain my BOOM no matter what! :) I feel so alive and so fantastic and I just wanted to share from the honest place as that is the place I live and thrive in. Enjoy being you!!!

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