Saturday, April 11, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 4:03 PM
The calm during the storm

WOW, life has been a whirlwind lately. So many things have been happening around me and I'm finding the more stuff that piles up the easier it all gets. My new Mini (car) was stolen on April 1st, but it was not an "April Fools" joke.

I had all my new kiteboarding gear taken out of the garage cabinets, too. Well, I got my car back a couple days after it was stolen. Only a broken window so not too bad. Then my kites showed up on Craig's List so I set up an undercover sting operation with 3 undercover cops and myself! Sheesh, that was freaky as I had to put myself in somewhat of a dangerous situation that involved the cop pulling a gun on the guy and then having to run down the street after his car when he didn't put the emergency brake on. Sheesh, those few moments being there alone with this guy was freaky. Despite that, I was able to get some of my kite gear back. I've also had a massive case of identity theft from this.

Although all this is going on I have learned to find a quiet resolve in it. This is really just a few things that have happened. There are quite a few many more that have given me the ability to laugh. Really, to laugh and deal with it. I think at some point I realize it is not happening "TO" me it is jut "happening." For that I have to not think karma has much to do with it as I may wind up thinking I must have lived a crazy past life. Ha ha!

Anyways, I just wanted to post and say "HEY" and let you know I'm still here and when the smoke settles a bit I'll be posting regularly again. WOOT!