Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 5:17 PM
Animation Mentor Volunteers at The Local Food Bank
Today at Animation Mentor the whole company volunteered to help out the local Food Bank. It was great starting the day out with the pitch of just how far their outreach is and the impact they are having not just locally but state wide, too! It was inspiring even to play a small part in something so grand.

We had plenty of fun and shared many great, ridiculous moments together! I love this amazing team who always impress me with how much fun they can have doing just... well, yeah... Anything! Enjoy the pics below!

Victoria, Brittany and I rummaging through the apple bins, with cameo from Mike Mahony in the background!

Michael Steele enjoying the many yummy "apples gone wild." Check out the color on that apple. Ugh!

Lots of fun yummy goo to pick through. Mushed nice in the hands. ha ha!

The whole crew chillin'. Thanks to Rachel Lee and Francis for letting our crazy group bust in and "take over" their facility. It was truly a fantastic experience!

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