Saturday, March 21, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:15 PM
Lately I've been trying to implement some "life best practices" into a daily routine. I tend to think of myself as a highly disciplined person and I've run into some challenges that I wanted to discuss here. I have a question as well as tips on things I do daily, take 'em or leave 'em. I'd love to hear your input as it's all part of life's growth.

Question to you:
Q: Why is exercise, on a consistent basis, hard to maintain? If it is not, what do you do to keep it going regularly?

Is it because generally we have to leave home to do it? Is it because the words "exercise" and "routine" have inherent negative connotations to them? Is it just the nature of being alive? Ha ha! Exercise in the home via DVD is okay, but there is a social component missing which I find wanes the desire to do it consistently.

Some life stimulating things I do:
1. I have an Outlook reminder pop up every morning at 9am reminding me of some of the important mental states I want to cultivate on a daily basis. I keep these short and I read it every morning first thing. If someone comes into my office, or something is pressing, I still read these first. It takes me about 2 minutes and it reminds me of the state of being I want to be in and often times I reflect on this throughout the day.

2. I have a print out of about 20 short sentences of "who I am/who I want to become" that I have taped to my bathroom wall. I read these when I brush my teeth first thing in the morning and while brushing before bed each night (sometimes I slack on the latter one). The one at the end of the day is particularly powerful because as I read them I reflect back on the day that just happened and smile at how I was able to maintain these, or not. ;)

Thanks for reading and participating!

PS. I LOVE this little Buddha image!