Sunday, February 8, 2009
Posted by Bobby Beck at 5:40 PM
Trip to Sony Pictures Imageworks for new Animation Mentor Video Lectures
Rachel Ito (AM's Art Director), Michael Dauz (AM's Web Publications Specialist) and myself flew down to LA this weekend to shoot two new classes for the Polishing and Portfolio classes that are new to Animation Mentor. This marks the first of many upcoming classes that will feature real production shots! This is exciting for us as this will really begin to open things up as far as teaching goes, and being able to see real production shots, workflow techiniques, etc that take a shot from concept to the big screen is so absolutely invaluable!

Matthew Munn did the first class in which he went over some great shots he did on Surf's Up! He was full of energy and excitement for this class. We had a blast and we all laughed A LOT!

Joshua Beveridge did the second class where he also went over a shot he did on Surf's Up. Josh has an excitement and enthusiasm for animation that radiates from him! This totally came through in the class and although we had a lot of technical difficulties throughout the day it wound up being absolutely amazing and very memorable for all of us!

I wanted to give a HUGE public thanks to both Michael and Rachel for being rock stars and sticking through two shoots in one day! WOW, that was a lot of work for all of us and they kept up their energy and the results will pay off when these classes air later this year.

I wanted keep the readers of the blog abreast of all the cool things we're doing on a regular basis because it helps everyone see the effort and energy that goes into this crazy place. We're so happy and 2009 is proving to be a fantastic one indeed!

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