Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 2:59 PM
Back home!

Well, almost home. I'm back in the US in route to Cali. My trip to
Egypt and Morocco was fantastic! Actually, "out of this world" in so
many ways.

Egypt was all about history, culture, religion and being constantly
inspired by the landscapes and archetecture.

Morocco was all about culture, food, kitesurfing and religion.

Both countries are so totally different. Egypt is rich in history and
really is something to see.

Morocco is fantastic and filled with the most unique landscapes and
casbahs and is also something to see!

This was a dream trip that I have been planning for a long
while and it surpassed my wildest expectations. With that
being said, I'm happy to be back in the US.

Four full weeks of vacation was awesome and I kept in constant touch
with the Animation Mentor office and am so proud of the team for being
so strong in keeping things rolling so smoothly! These trips are very
good for me as they challenge me to let the team grow. Whenever I
return from a trip I am always pleasantly surprised by their growth.
This time will be a pretty big leap for all of us! So cool.

I'm ready to dive in full on as we have a lot if stuff in the hopper
and I'm pumped to keep things flowing strong!

Life is great. Stay conscious and have a blast!

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