Sunday, October 26, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 1:45 PM
Egypt was a blast, now off to Morocco!

Egypt was so awesome! It was a crazy jam packed trip! Each day was
full from sunrise to sunset often times with little or no sleep. No
worries, I'll sleep when I get home ;)

Egypt is a must do for the adventure traveller or anyone who is
interested in history and cultures. So much of what we do today comes
from the ancient Egyptian culture!

We're now off to Morocco for two weeks with lots going on there, too.
I've been doing daily updates from my Facebook account as the iPhone
has a great facebook app, and wireless is more consistent than getting
on to the exchange email server.

I've had a ton of amazing reflections while on this trip, read several
great books and I've been writing in my journal every day which I will
share more about when I return.

I took this picture yesterday morning from the top of Mt. Sinai! I climbed to the top in the wee hours of the morning to see the
sunrise. It's not an easy hike either! The history in this country
is insane! Whether you belive in Alla, God or Buddha it's
Still pretty fantastic!