Monday, October 13, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 12:46 PM
Egypt: Day 3
Today I woke up at 3am to fly to Luxor. Wow man, this place is the
mother of all ruins. I love treking through ruins and
discovering history and this is really up there with the best we've
ever seen.

The valley of the Kings is a burial site where many of the kings were
burried. Through the years they've uncovered/discovered more and more
tombs. This was a surreal experience seeing this all in real life. So
much of it is perfectly preserved!

We also went to a site call the tomb of Queen Hetchepsut (sp?) which
was out of this world!!! It is so in tack and three levels high!!!
They let you go all over the whole thing, sweet!!! I didn't realize
that in the hay day all the pyramids and temples were covered in
colorful paints and marble. Time destoies this aspect but you can see
the colors preserved in parts and in many of the tombs.

Tonight we got to discover Karnack, the temple of the kings! Shawn
Kelly's been texting me to see this place and it was fantastic!
Seeing it at night added to the ambience and mystery.

Now were off to bed and up early to take a 4 day cruise on a small
sail boat down the Nile River!

Sorry no photo today. Only one bar in the hotel. I've been doing
regular updates from my facebook account with photos. Enjoy and have