Friday, October 3, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 3:42 PM
Ed Catmull Visits Animation Mentor!
Today Ed Catmull came to visit Animation Mentor! It was so awesome and I'm still flying high. While I was at Pixar, Carlos and I pitched the idea to Ed right when we started to make sure it was not a conflict of interest and he gave us his blessing. We then showed it to him two more times along the way. Once just before I decided to leave.

Now that guy has a lot going on in life and he took time out to come check out where we've gone with it and it was so fun to show him. We talked, laughed and explained the journey and how it touches people's lives and doesn't just make them better animators but better people, too!

At the end he gave us a hug and told us that he never imagined we'd take it to this level and gave us some amazing comments and words of wisdom.

I will remember this day as a milestone in my life to remember that we're doing this "right" at AM and that it's fine to build a company from the heart first. Starting this company with my two best friends on the planet, although some said was a "bad idea" turned out to be the best thing EVER! The whole AM staff are so amazing and they believe in this as much as we do and that's the BEST FEELING! Dream big in life! Never let anyone tell you that you can't do it. You can!

Ps. Thanks to Fernando Herrera for being online for my AMiM chat! You rock!

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