Friday, September 12, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:35 AM
Cool Short animated by Animation Mentor graduate!

Remi Tjon Ajong from Amsterdam and Animation Mentor graduate just released this great short! I got a PM from him on the Alumni site and I did a little interview with him, posted below! I hope you all enjoy as I think this is great, look, feel and the animation is excellent. Way to go Remi!


1. Q: This is great stuff! What is it for and how many people worked on it (what did you do on it)?

RTA: Thank you very much!!! Well I recently graduated from Animation Mentor, but looking at my short, there's so much I want to "fix" on it that I felt I needed to do something else to re energize! My pal Niels had this design and idea floating on his computer somewhere and thought it would be great if I animated it! And so did I :) So basically it's just the two of us. Niels did all the design and technical stuff, and I did the animation and sound design.

2. Q: What was the inspiration for this piece?

RTA: For me the inspiration came from the design and basic concept of the original idea! When I saw the character design for the first time I knew Immediately how i wanted to make him act I was lucky that Niels allowed me to make the animation my own! This way I could come up with the timing and acting.

3. Q: Are we going to see more of this character or not now that it's splattered on the screen? :)

RTA: Haha, that's a question we've asked ourselves as well ...
We thought about keeping him alive... but i think we can reincarnate him if we want to haha!

4. Q: What's next for you?

RTA: Well, this month I am pretty busy with a children's series for the dutch Jetix. They have asked me to direct it, it's a combination of live action and flash animation! (eleven songs in one month! I'll never show it hahaha!!)
After that hopefully finish my AM short, and come up with a new one. WORLD DOMINATION! or just happy animating.. I can never decide...


Great work my man. Keep it up and keep us inspired. This is really fantastic and fresh to see!!!

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