Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 7:38 PM
Animation Mentor in the workplace!
Today was one of those days that makes me proud to be working at Animation Mentor. We had one of our big team building events today where the entire company went out for an urban adventure rightfully called Geo Team Building! We randomly broke up into teams of five. The selection process was great because we were all on teams with people we did not necessarily work with on a day-to-day basis.

If you're not familiar with geocaching you can click on the word and it will explain more on what it is. Basically you each have little hand held GPS devices and you go around looking for pre-planted treasures. The GPS devices only get you within about 30 feet from the treasure so from their you have to work together to find where it is located and that's where a lot of the fun comes in! Overall this event was SO awesome and we all had so much fun, running around in the Tilden forest in the Berkeley hills! Below you can find some pictures from the event. SWEET!!!!

[picture of Rachel and Amanda getting ready to launch on an adventure] So you start out like this with your team (5 people per team). You have a pocket PC which gives you a little clue on the treasure and the coordinates to put into your handheld GPS. And from there your team is OFF on the adventure!!!

Here's an action photo of Molly in pursit of the golden tickets! Ha, ha! The setting for the event was really spectacular! The event is based around team building and we all worked so well together and naturally gravitated towards different roles; i.e. someone with the pocket PC, someone with the map and me running around like a mad man having too much fun! I think that was my role at least. :)

There were 20 treasures in all and your team wins based on how many treasures you find, how many you find FIRST (aka the golden tickets) and how creative your photos are as you take cool photos of your group with each treasure. This was our team! We rocked!!! Woot!!!!

Here's a group photo of all of us at the very end enjoying ourselves and having a great time together!

Afterwards we went to the Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley and had some snacks, finger foods and reviewed the winners (our group came in second which rocked!) and the crazy photos we took along the way!

Overall this is the kind of stuff that makes coming to work great. This is the energy that we share at work and this energy then comes through to the school and the students and all the things we work on. It's so fun to be a part of this and I'm proud of it for sure. Today's adventure was a real treat and one that we will be talking about for a long time to come! I hope you enjoy the post.

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