Thursday, August 14, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 8:16 PM
Siggraph 2008: Day 3
Okay, so I talked to a few other AMers who were staying at the same hotel and we all had the same "56k" slow internet experience. Eeek! Sorry the updates were not as often and vivid with photos as I would have liked. I thought I lost my camera at the Birds of a Feather event, but Michael Dauz grabbed it. Sweet. I'll pick it up on Monday so, for now, no pics.

I just got back home and I'm filled with inspiration and good vibes! I had such a great time with everyone. It was so fun getting to get to know so many of you. There are so many highlights to the whole event.

Animation wise, the Frank and Ollie tribute we hosted was a MASSIVE highlight for me. There were 600+ people who attened (or so they told me) and I think everyone left that event with crazy inspiration!

If you did not attend Siggraphh the below comments may not make sense to you.

1. The big group walking "in a straight line" at the Animation Mentor Industry Party.
2. Dancing like maniacs at the Blur party. AMer's know how to dance and have fun! NO DOUBT!
3. Mel's diner at 4am: singing Beatles songs, pancakes, meat earings (ha, ha!, sorry Alexiss)
4. Hanging out at the Sheraton lobby in the wee hours on the couches talking about life with AMers!
5. Eduardo, I will NEVER forget your name!
6. "Teresa, my one and only blogger friend!"

Hopefully this will get the words flowing in the comments section. I'm inspired by all of you and the friendships you share with us and with each other! This week has been a MASSIVE battery recharge!

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