Saturday, August 16, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:26 PM
Animation Mentor Rigs: Don't ruin your chances of getting a job
This is a tough one for me to write about. I'm not sure the best way to say this so I'll need to come out and say it. Animation Mentor rigs are meant for AM students and graduates. When people outside of AM use these rigs or distribute them to non AM students it creates a lot of problems; let me explain:

The biggest problem is that Animation Mentor is recognized in the industry now quite visibly. So, if a studio (especially the major studios) see someone's work with AM characters they will inevitably ask that person, "Did you go to Animation Mentor?" or, "Who were your mentors at Animation Mentor?" If they find out that the person did not go there this could blow up in the persons face. This is worth noting as it has happened. Ouch! Talk about uncomfortable.

Because we have so many animators, mentors and studio recruiters that know us they will really take offense at this. Why? Well, who's to say that this person won't steal their rigs and put them on the net, or take footage that is not yet released and put it on their reel? These things are BIG flags for studios.

I wanted to mention this on my blog so that people are aware of this and can pass the word on. If you are not an AM student or graduate and you are using our rigs I would point out that you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Why take the risk?

Okay, now back to lighter topics. :)

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