Friday, June 13, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:40 AM
Free your mind

I wanted to take a moment to write about something I find really important; that is freeing your mind of mental clutter so that you can be more present in your life and relationships. I keep a little voice recorder in my pocket with me at all times. I started doing this four years ago so that I could capture my thoughts and I have since realized the impact this little device has on my life and I thought I’d pass this on for those of you who have to deal with lots of information coming in and out of your brain/life and find it difficult to keep up with.

The outcome of this technique for me is to capture my thoughts so that I can clear my mind of unnecessary mental chatter, to be present with people and to be more effecient in the "things" that I do. When I’m driving to work in the morning I usually have a lot of thoughts going through my mind so I simply hit record and capture the thoughts that are on my mind and then, “let them go.” I literally try to free my mind of all my thoughts. Then when I get to work I play back what I recorded and capture what is important to take care of on a check list (A note on checklists: I only keep one check list. I never keep information in more than one place. I carry this check list with me the rest of the day while at work and write down anything that comes up throughout the day on it and no where else. The next morning I transfer new thoughts via recording and items from the previous days list onto the new list and shred the previous day’s list). If I’m out at lunch or I’m out of the office I use the voice recorder as my way to capture new thoughts and again, “let them go.” Doing this helps me to be present with people, to enjoy life on such a deep level because I always know that whatever is important I will get to and I will not “forget it.” It’ll be right there for me when I get home or get to work the next day.

The recorder I use I got at Radio Shack and there is a picture of it in this post. The cool thing I like is that it has different channels so I can use channel one for work stuff, channel two for personal things or thoughts, and channel 3 I can hum tunes or beats into since I like to play music and often times I’ll have a tune in my head that I can hum in to the recorder and then listen to later to hear if it inspires me. If it does then I’ll try to make a song out of it.

This device has become such a HUGE part of my life and such an important way to live more mentally balanced and I believe I have deeper connections with people due to being more present in conversations. Call it the digital Buddha if you want, but this has been HUGE for me.

Other uses for the device:
- I’ll have people tell me their phone numbers or addresses and speak into the device if they are in a hurry
- Recording seminars or talks that I go to so that I can later listen to them
- Never record something to hold it against someone. I simply do not do this at all and do not advocate it in any way