Monday, May 26, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:11 PM
Positivity in the workplace

"… i thought i was crazy since i started all i dream is to work in big studio like Pixar or ILM and everyday i come to work people are cynic and sad, and me always happy to work in a company where i always wanted to work, but people always look at me like why are you so happy ... or stop to be so optimistic, life is harder than you think, or stop dreaming you will never achieve that, seriously this is so good to hear that i'm not the wrong one, and that people have to be optimistic and stop to complain about their life but start to move and change what they don't like and not drown the people surrounding them." - Samy aka Oddjob

In response to “Oddjob’s” reply to my “what is your potential” post I wanted to elaborate on this. I will tell you that the industry is definitely a tough place and many people are indeed jaded. However, I don’t think this is limited in any way to just the animation industry, nor do I think you have to become jaded to be a great animator or to “make it” in this industry.

My wife often tells me that I’m a magnet for “negative people.” Ha, ha! It’s funny but somewhat true. (If you haven’t read my “what is your potential” post that will give you some context) A lot of people can not deal with positive energy so they try to crush your spirit and I’ve had so many tough times dealing with this issue. At one point in my life I actually tried to change this part of me due to peer pressure and I can tell you a big part of me died. After much struggle and conflict in my core being I had to really build this part of me back up and I can honestly say that this is me; “I’m genuinely happy! I’m a positive person, so what!? Take it or leave it!”

Positive energy CAN throw people off. It can come off as “too loud,” or “obnoxious.” I think professionally you do have to keep yourself “in check,” but know who you are and never lose who you are at your core. You can be positive and energetic without being loud and jumping on tables. But, the cool part is, if you do want to jump on tables just close your office door and do it!

It’s important to be aware of the overall energy of the group/team and that took me some time to figure out. Ultimately I will tell you that there are GREAT studios out there where your enthusiasm will be admired and encouraged and many that will not take to it. You’ll have to find a match that works for you as this is key to being fulfilled as a person. There’s no worse thing than continually being crushed for who you are. You NEVER want to lose who you are, no matter what! No matter HOW cool the job is.

Ps. Note that no one is "wrong" in who they are. They just are who THEY are. Please see my post below about "Role Models" for more info on the only thing you are in control of in life (yourself).

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