Thursday, May 1, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:17 PM
Animation Mentor Webinar Extravaganza!

We are just wrapping on a big promotion at Animation Mentor. The whole point of this promo was to give back to people and share what Animation Mentor is all about. It started with Shawn's eBook and then went on to a Webinar with Shawn. We recorded the webinar and have now made it available for people to view:

Click here to view a replay of Shawn's Webinar

We finshed up the promo with a webinar hosted by myself giving people a taste of what Animation Mentor is all about and what it takes to become a professional animator. Aja Bogdanoff, Animation Mentor graduate and the co-creator behind The 11 Second Club joined in to share what her experience has been like after graduating Animation Mentor. This webinar was also captured and will be replayed soon.

Of course we want to get people excited about Animation Mentor but even more I feel it was something of high value for people and for free. In my heart I know we're elevating animation education and it feels really good to be able to give back on a variety of levels like this.

We also did this promo video for people who want to know more about the school and the application process. We had so much fun filming this and putting it together.

Click here to view the video

It's so awesome to be building such a fun and energetic place for people to learn the art of animation. It's really becoming more than we could have dreamed of and we will never stop pushing it forward to make it better. Thanks for your support!

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