Friday, May 16, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 9:28 AM
Animation Mentor: Updates

So many great things have been happening inside the walls of This term we launched a beta program for people coming in to the program who have never animated before. This workshop has had a lot of love and heart put into it by dozens of people and we’re so excited to see that it’s going great so far! Learning the software is a small part of this art, but it is a critical piece to be comfortable with so that is what the workshop is based around. It’s optional but for those coming in to the program “cold turkey” into the animation world, however we know it is a nice addition and has the love and thought that we like to put into things.

We also invited Jason Schleifer and Victor Navone to the office this week for “media training.” This is was great. Especially from the perspective of an animator. We learned about body language, voice patterns, rhythm in our speech and how to speak more comfortably when it comes to doing interviews with news and press. It may sound silly but we all confessed afterwards that if/when we need to animate a sequence where someone is being interviewed we have an arsenal of cool tools and subtleties to exploit! We also did mock interviews and they were filmed. Woo hoo. We each got a copy of our respective interviews so we can study them later. Ha, ha. So funny, but it did feel like an “acting for animators” class for sure.

We had two “Horton Hears a Who” Q&A’s which were packed with great info for both our Alumni and students. We’ve taken a bit of a break from doing Guest Speaker content for a while. We’ve been working HARD on several upcoming projects that you guys will be excited to hear about so stay tuned!

Dana Boadway gives the Animation Mentor Critique this month at the 11SecondClub. Be sure to check it out. It’s very in-depth packed with great information!

We’re gearing up for Summer graduation and Siggraph. We have some cool things planned and some tentative things in the works that might be very cool. We also have several Animation Mentor student films that have been accepted into the Animation Festival (formerly known as “the electronic theatre)! Woo hoo!!!!!

We hop you guys enjoyed the webinar stuff we did a while back. We’re already in the works on some new cool stuff which will be greatly improved.

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