Friday, March 7, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:25 AM
Technology, Announcements and...

Things have been non-stop busy for me this year. It's been amazing, all sorts of new things happening at Animation Mentor and I'm so proud of them all. We've been doing a lot of foundational work internally. We have many cool things planned and had some minor set backs as well (Q&A 2.5/3.0). Sorry about that stuff.

We lost the lead engineer on the Q&A project to Adobe. Damn! That's one of the trade offs for living in the Bay Area; there are so many great companies to work for it's pretty difficult to find engineering talent as they have plenty of choices, and the market is quite hot for Engineers these days. The good thing is that we will get back to the project, but the timing is still to be determined. I just do not feel comfortable putting something out into the world that we can not fully support 100%. That is critical to me and to the students/mentors as well.

And while I'm at it I might as well add a shameless plug: If you know anyone who you think might be a good fit to our engineering team please let me know. Our job description is located here.

As far as new announcements go, I've learned it's better to be quiet about new things we have planned than to announce them way ahead of time. I think I like a balance between Apples "unveiling" of new products and Google's "beta tests" that last for quite a long time on products that are pretty darn solid. This balance is a new one I'm adopting so you may notice I'm a bit more "tight lipped" these days about "future plans" but I will say that 2008 has a lot of great things happening and I'm excited to announce them when the timing is right!

This is just a mini "whasss up" update.

Here's a wide angle picture of the first official AM staff "ping pong tournament!" Photo courtesy of Carlos Baena (who plays ping pong REALLY well)!

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