Friday, March 21, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 4:01 PM
Animation Mentor 11 Second Club Crit: a MUST see!

So you want to see what Animation Mentor is all about? Or, you want to see how to take a shot from “good” to “great” then check out this fantastic eCritique from Dave Burgess for the February winner of the 11 Second Club!

This eCritique is 33 minutes of pure animation gold! It’s a “mini animation lecture” for the whole world to see for FREE! I hope you pass this link around to your friends and fellow animators as this is what it’s all about, spreading the knowledge and sharing in the art. Animation Mentor wants to give a HUGE thanks to Dave Burgess for doing a fantastic job on this crit!

Click here to review the full eCritique

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