Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:48 PM
Animation Mentor gets an upgrade!
Wow, so we're all moved in to our new home in Emeryville! The move went SUPER smooth. A huge thanks to Dave, Adam, Tony and Stephen who worked so hard on making this such a smooth transition. We literally left on Friday from Parker St. and on Monday we came to the new Office and everything was ready to go! WOW!!!

Today we just had the Animation Mentor logo put up in the entrance and it was fun to watch. We all gathered around and witnessed as it really makes it feel like home.

Check out Michael Dauz in his new digs! If there's one thing the new office is not missing that is color (Thanks Rachel!)! We have lots of color on the walls and in the furniture, too! More photos will come with time as right now the office is a bit bare.

I will say that being under one roof is fantastic. It's so awesome and the energy is so engaging! I thought this week was going to be about settling in but I think it's been one of the most productive weeks for me this year! It's just so inspiring to be there! I'm so proud of the space and I'm happy to know that the staff are equally proud!

The old web development area was called the Brain Cave. The new one does not have a name yet, but I thought this was too cool of a photo opportunity to pass up! Hee hee. Note the Karate head band. Ninja in training? Actually Mike is a full fledged ninja, he's just dressing down. :)

I hope you enjoy seeing a few snaps of the space!

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