Saturday, December 8, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 9:26 AM
Signing off for 2007

It's been a fantastic year. It's amazing to think that we had our first Animation Mentor graduations this year! That feels like 10 years ago to me now. Ha, ha, no joke. Overall I couldn't be more happy with the year, the fantastic new people I've met, the energy that continues to thrive inside of AM and all the new exciting things we've done and that are to come.

I wanted to wish you all a super happy holidays and a fantastic new year.

Some cool things coming up:

What is Q&A 2.5?:
Next quarter at AM we'll be rolling over to the new Q&A 2.5! Q&A 2.5 gives you all the functionality of 2.0 but in the new look and architecture. We've written it from scratch so it is totally new. 2.5 gives you all the things you are used to in 2.0 but in a much better way. 3.0 will be coming by the end of next quarter and will give mentors the ability to pull up your work in the Q&A, draw on it, share the draw tools with you guys! We're close on those tools, but wanted to first move everyone over to the new interface to get you used to it and then release the new features thereafter.

New 11 Second Club eCritique:
Jason Schleifer is doing the next eCritique for the November winner of the 11 Second Club. I just checked out his crit and it's fantastic. Almost 20 minutes of pure gold! Lots of great little "mini lessons" for everyone to learn from. Be sure to check it out as it should go live next week.

Winter 2008 Graduation in San Francisco:
We will be holding our 3rd graduation in San Francisco in January 2008. Congratulations to GC5 (Graduating Class 5) and GC6 (Graduating Class 6)! We look forward to seeing you soon!

AM will be moving to our new office:
AM will also be moving to our new office at the beginning of February 2008. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as we get settled in! It's about 10 blocks from where we are located now. Hee hee, but gives us some room to grow and puts us all back under one roof. Yeah!

Enjoy yourselves, be sure to get some rest over the Winter break and I look forward to picking the blog back up in January! Woo hoo!!!!

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