Saturday, November 17, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 6:42 PM
Visit to PDI DreamWorks

I made a visit to the PDI DreamWorks campus in Redwood City on Friday, 11/16/07. It was an outreach visit from Animation Mentor to DreamWorks and it went VERY well. I met primarily with Marilyn Friedman (head of outreach) and she organized a lunch with Melanie Cordan, Cassidy Curtis and Jason Schliefer. All good friends of mine and people I respect very much, not to mention Mentors at AM :)

It was great having lunch and sharing great stories. Overall I'm super happy with the visit and am pleased that DreamWorks is ecstatic with the Animation Mentor hires they've made; 5 to date!.

The office is great, the environment is super fun and creative. Breakfast and Lunches are free! and the food was amazing. What I liked about this is that it really encourages everyone to be together at lunch time. The cafeteria was packed and people were enjoying themselves completely. I can see that they care VERY much about the work environment and about keeping the talent level super high. They've gone to great lengths to make it possible to run a seamless production in both Glendale and Redwood City and I'm continually impressed with the professional and fun balance I've had in my dealings with them. They get a HUGE A+ in my book!

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