Monday, November 19, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 12:49 PM
Mentors and Makeovers!

Michelle Meeker, one of our super star mentors, told me she was going to be on a DIY Network Show doing her kitchen makeover. She told me she was going to wear her Animation Mentor T-shirt and represent! She delivered! Wow, how cool is that!!!

Check out the video here: Mentors and Makeovers Video

When I was getting into the industry I used to think that people who worked at ILM and PIXAR were "otherworldly." They didn't do things like laundry and get their hair cut, in my mind they were on "another level" of life. I know it may sound crazy, but that's how my brain works. :) It's neat to see that even the best animators are simply human. Talented beyond belief, but human nonetheless. Enjoy.