Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 2:51 PM
Happy Halloween!
Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays for sure. I'm happy to know that as we get older we don't have to lose the love for such fun holidays like this one. At Animation Mentor just about everyone dressed up today and we have some fun activities planned for later today. :) It's great to be a big kid and even cooler to be surrounded by amazing big awesome and inspiring kids that I work with.

Here's a SUPER cool stop motion pumpkin animation that Matt Strangio and Fernanda Veloso did. Both Animation Mentor graduates. Fernanda is now at Disney Feature animation and Matt is now at ILM. Two crazy kids who met through Animation Mentor and have now fell in love. So awesome!!!!

And here is the most awesome pumpkin on the planet! Alexiss Memmott, Animation Mentor student carved this amazing pumpkin with our mascot, Spike. WOW!!!!! I'm so inspired by all the amazing energy and enthusiasm!

Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all!

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