Monday, October 1, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 7:51 AM
The 11 Second Club and Animation Mentor

We are so proud to announce Animation Mentor's sponsorship of the 11 Second Club. The club is similar to that of the 10 Second Club of late and we're excited to know it has been brought back to life in the form of a new club.

Animation Mentor will be providing the monthly prize to the winner, a free eCritiqueâ„¢ by a professional animator starting with the October winner (not the winner of the September contest. Sorry). Animation Mentor will be hosting the special video critique page and will be accessible to anyone on the internet. We think the club is such a great place to get your feet wet as an animator and we're excited to see it grow. Stay tuned for a article with more details in the upcoming Animation Mentor newsletter (October 8th).

Come Check out the 11 Second Club

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