Monday, September 17, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 8:08 PM
The Go Game
Today at Animation Mentor we went on a fun company wide team building exercise. We participated in a GO GAME. If you've never heard of this click on this LINK to check it out. Wow, it was so much fun. It's basically scavenger hunts for big kids. It was so much fun. We broke into teams of 5 and went on all the fun missions around downtown Berkeley. The teams were very well balanced and we had so much fun taking pictures,shooting movies, finding clues, etc. The coolest part is that there are actors all throughout the game so you actually go into places and have to find people and then talk to them to get clues tor your next missions. It's all about team building and working together. This game really reaffirmed that the AM team is so amazing. Everyone was in great spirits and we all had a blast. 100%! I thought I would share this because it was definitely fun to be in this environment with the best team on the planet, and super cool to be on a big kid scavenger hunt! Woo hoo!!! I don't have pictures just yet as they were taken with the Go Game phones. But trust me there were some amazing photos, mostly all of us making fools of ourselves and having the best of fun.

I was able to snap these with my cell phone camera. This is an image of the two Go Game reps that explained the game to us and then presented the results at a bar in Berkeley.
One of the AM teams here in mustache disguises! Hee hee.

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