Friday, August 24, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:58 AM
Student Success Stories!
Okay, I may be a tad biased but I think Animation Mentor has the most amazing student body on the planet! Seriously! I love them all like crazy and have been hearing so many amazing success stories from them and the support they have for each other is truly outstanding.

I've been pretty deep in job placement duties lately as I'm happy to say the industry is very strong. We have now brought on a Career Services manager, Bridget Haley and she is rockin'. I've been helping her out with placements and training. We track our placement numbers as the Board of Education requires that we do so and I'm extremely proud of where we are at which I will reveal soon in a post.

I caught up with Mike Stern "Sternio," AM graduate as he just wrapped up on "The Bee Movie." He sent me this picture of him and, YES, Jerry Seinfeld!!! How cool is that!!! Wow, Jerry is so amazing and cared enough to be deeply invloved with the whole process including animation dailies! Mike had a great experience working on the film and continues to be rocking out at DreamWorks. We could not be more proud of him!

I got a chance to hook up with Stephen Melagrano as he was finishing up his internship at Pixar! He said the whole experience was amazing and the experience he gained there will definitely help catapult him into something amazing!

There are so many success stories like this that it makes every day so special. I wanted to be sure to spread some of these good vibes out to the readers here so you can get inspired and excited about the journey you are on as animators!

I have heard from some that they fear there are "not enough jobs" out there. I have to say that animation is growing and not just in the U.S. but world wide. Not everyone will go and work at Pixar, but it is important to believe in yourself and know that you will be successful. It is a "leap of faith" you have to make, but honestly, if anyone wants it they will get it. Work hard, practice and support each other and you WILL be successful.

ps. Stay tuned for a blog overhaul soon. It's coming VERY soon!

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