Thursday, August 9, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 12:28 AM
Siggraph: Day 4
Wow, I’m just getting to sit down for the first time today. It’s 11:45PM as I write this. The day was packed full of press related events, interviews, meetings and fun AM events. More demo reel reviews which were a lot of fun to do. I was happy to hear that some of the big studios were referring people to our booth when they asked about "how to get into animation." That’s fantastic!!!!

We also held the annual Siggraph ReelFX and Animation Mentor party. We dig those guys a lot and have been doing a co-branded party for the last 4 years together. It’s been fun to see both of our companies grow over this time and we’re happy to see the success and celebrate it with each other.

Siggraph has been a blast this year. The meetings with studios and getting the amazingly positive feedback from them has been truly awe inspiring. Meeting all the amazing students and getting to know them so much better has been a blast. It’s not just one event that we had, we had so many that at this point I feel like all the students are really good personal friends. I head back to the bay area in the morning. Then I’ll get some sleep and then back to work with renewed energy. I want to keep the momentum going as it has been so absolutely fantastic.

I also want to say that the AM staff have been champs. It’s great for them to see the impact we have on the lives of our students and mentors and they see this in a big way. It was great to share stories tonight at dinner exchanging all the fun times we’ve had over the last several days. Thanks guys, you ROCK so much!

There were some questions about how the IPAX works and how it will benefit AM. I will be sure to post more info about this next week after some of the Siggraph smoke clears.

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