Thursday, August 9, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 12:19 AM
Siggraph: Day 3
Today we were packed full of super fun Animation Mentor events. The highlight for me was our Animation Mentor gathering (Birds of a Feather event). We had a panel of with the animation recruiters for Sony Imageworks, DreamWorks and Industrial Light & Magic. They answered and entertained a PACKED room full of eager folks. Mike Belzer (Supervising animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation) gave a short talk about AM and how his time being a mentor has shaped his work and energized his enthusiasm for animation all over again! Mike is a legend in animation so that was huge for us all to hear.

I also gave a special sneak peak look at our Q&A 3.0 tool which is absolutely amazing and this is the first time I’m writing anything about it publicly. It incorporates so much of the feedback we’ve gotten over the last year into a tool that will revolutionize online education and interactivity. I showed a working alpha version of the tool and it got an amazing response from everyone in the room. That was amazing! I will post more details about the features and such on the AM school and alumni sites in due time.

We did demo reel reviews which went over VERY well. In the above picture it looks like a lot of people walking through the aisle at Siggraph but this is actually a line of people waiting to get our “free special gift!” The line was insane and people were stoked to get their limited edition Spike’s Café coffee mug.

Shawn and Carlos gave an excellent talk about the importance of scene planning and the many different techniques they use to plan shots. It was great to see how they applied them to their professional work at Pixar and ILM.

In the evening we went to the Pixar party and hung out for a bit, but I bailed out because I was exhausted.

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