Sunday, August 5, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:29 PM
Siggraph: Day 1
Today we had rehearsal for our graduation that will happen tomorrow; 8/6/07. It's our second graduation ever and we're really excited about it. So much planning and hard work goes into these things. It's really a big production. Here's a fun snap I took of some of the crew hard at work bringing it all together.

We spent most of the day working out the details and practicing the beats. Tomorrow is bound to be a blast no matter what. We're also going to be doing a big party afterwards for the graduates that will be spectacular as we've also invited tons of recruiters and professionals so it's going to be a great networking event for the grads on top of being a fun evening. Why not? We're at Siggraph so let's go for it!

We got to check out the Siggraph convention floor today but most of it was not set up yet. Lot's of big boxes and crates all around but it was fun to check it all out in a super rough stage. The AM booth is so fantastic and we're really happy with it. It's our own fun style and when the convention opens I'll be sure to post some cool picks! Gotta keep you guessing. :)

Now that's a big screen TV! Shawn's day dreaming of watching Battle Star on that bad boy! Nice. It's been a blast to walk down the street with Shawn and Carlos or be sitting at dinner and running into Animation Mentor students and graduates! It's awesome that so many people have traveled so far to be all together. Students have come as far as India, Singapore, Germany and Poland to be here. WOW, that's amazing!!!

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