Friday, June 15, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:11 PM
In LA for the week: Day 5

Today I took Michael and Rachel to Universal Studios. It was our "day off" from a long 7 day trip in LA. This was the only "free" day and I wanted to do something nice for them (and me) for all the hard work we've been doing down here. We were thinking about Disneyland, but then decided Universal Studios. It was awesome. Being a big kid I found this to be so much fun. We got a pass that let us go to the front of the lines and it was so worth it. We saw some awesome stunts and shows and had lots of laughs together. It was a great day.

We got to sit in the studio audience for a "Fear Factor Live" show. It was gross! I don't watch a lot of TV and was not familiar with the show, but this picture is showing a stunt where the contestants had to reach into a tank with eels and pull out flags to put them on a spinning rack which was funny because they kept slipping and falling all over the place, then after getting 3 flags successfully hung they had to drink a smoothy with the most horrible stuff in it; fish guts, pig parts, crickets and other crazy stuff! Yuck! Pure viewing pleasure. :)

On the studio tour you ride a bus through the back lot (sets) and we got to ride down Wisteria Lane from the TV show, Desperate House Wives. Very cool to see how "fake" all this stuff is and how real it seems when it's on the screen. Very cool!

Michael, Rachel and I posing with Jaws, still drenched from the Jurassic Park ride. Ps. The Mummy ride ROCKS!

A life size King Kong sits on the back lot wasting away in the sun. Very cool to see up close and personal.

This car comes flying at the bus on the studio tour at full speed. So cool to see behind the "Movie Magic" and witness how much is involved in all this stuff. I've always been a geek about this movie business stuff and this was really cool to see.

Tomorrow we're back to work in Glendale to do some more cool stuff for AM! More news coming soon.

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