Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:01 PM
In LA for the week: Day 3

Today, was awesome. We got up super early to meet up with Dave Burgess, super rock star ninja. When I was at Disney, back in the day, I got my hands on some "lunch time lectures" they had on video and some of my favorite ones were the ones taught by Dave. He's such an amazing animator and on top of that a great teacher. We're happy to have been able to spend the day with him picking his brain on workflow techniques and such. This is a super sneak preview of stuff to come, but I wanted to post some stuff to let AM followers know we're not sleeping over here. We're constantly looking for ways to improve. I'm excited to be giving little glimpses of what is to come.

We had lunch at a great restaurant in Altadena (Foxes Restaurant) where we chilled out and wound down telling cool stories and such.

I finished off the evening by having dinner with Kevin Freeman (shown above with me in Santa Monica) from Animation Rigs. Kevin has been with Animation Mentor as one of our technical Maya guys pretty much from the beginning. I love his site and all the cool stuff he's been building to make animator's lives easier by providing great tools. If you haven't seen his site please check it out. Also, AM students get a nice discount for his monthly small subscription fee. For AM student's, check out the Academic section of the site for more details.

So far this trip has been really cool. LOTS of work for sure, but it's been a nice break from all the hard day-to-day work I do at AM and has allowed me to touch base with some of the amazing people who make this school so awesome to be a part of. Until tomorrow, enjoy.

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