Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:16 PM
In LA for the week: Day 2

Today the Animation Mentor crew visited Kenny Roy at his company: Arconyx Animation Studios. Kenny was simply amazing. He's got amazing energy and did some great stuff for us today. He was also very kind to show us some of the cool projects him and his team are working on. We're having a blast down here. It's great to have Michael and Rachel here as they are so super skilled with the video and audio shoots (see photo above to see them in action). I'm in awe watching them as they do their stuff.

"What is this video going to be used for," you may ask? Well, we're always looking to improve things at Animation Mentor and I'll say that it will be used to continue to make our school built "by animators, for animators." We listen to what the students/mentors want and we do our best to deliver.

Getting to meet such inspired and mega talented people is always such an amazing part of this adventure. It really blows me away. One thing Kenny said today was, "I've already hired a few Animation Mentor graduates and the one thing I'm impressed with above all is their great attitudes." That was awesome to hear as that's one of the most contagious parts of the school is how supportive everyone is.

Until tomorrow's update, enjoy!

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