Monday, June 18, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 10:34 AM
In LA for the week: Day 7

Yesterday was our last day for the "AM insanity tour" as we came to call it. So much work, so many great people, so much great information! In our final shoot we were with Ethan Hurd (Sony Imageworks). Damn, this guys is super talented and did such an amazing job teaching this class. He was super prepared and we had A LOT of fun filming. He really got into it and had a blast with it.

Once again, I want to give a SUPER, "THANK YOU" to my awesome crew in LA, Rachel Ito and Micahel Dauz. They were both fantastic and fun. We all had such a blast and I know we were ready to head back home to San Francisco.

Overall this trip was awesome. I feel that I had a mini animation vacation. Everyone was so great and shared their knowledge without holding back. I'm so proud of what we are doing and the improvements we are making will be sure to shine through for the students. I hope you had a blast seeing a sneak peek into our day-to-day activities. It was fun blogging it.

I'm now back home and relaxing today. I'll be back in the office tomorrow in full effect!

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