Monday, April 9, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 9:07 AM
Spring Term Starts at Animation Mentor

Spring term has officially started at Animation Mentor and we're really excited. We're always in development on new ways to bring animation and online community together. We have made some nice strides forward in this regard this quarter. We launched two new tools. One is our Instant Messaging tool; aka chat (AMim). This is not just any old chat tool, it allows students to link from any area of the site (forum posts, notes, workspace comments and buddies list) and see when they are online and easily chat with them! It's very cool. Animation Mentor is pretty big on online community but this tool will really help bring the whole experience together. Now we just hope students don't spend too much time chatting and forgetting to do their home work. :)

We also created Spike Emoticons; aka Spicons two of which are featured in this image. So when students type things like :) or ;) they get the appropriate Spicon. Just a nice added touch.

We also introduced a new support tool that allows students and staff to interact with each other much more easily and it is already a HUGE success.

We've made a lot of curriculum changes, as we do each quarter, to help tighten things up more and more. We are also in development on some new additions and changes that will be coming later this year. Overall I'm so pleased with where the school is at and where it is going. Each quarter we make big steps forward. 2007 is sure to be one of our best years yet!

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