Thursday, April 26, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 12:03 PM
Animation Mentor in Variety Magazine
Last week I was pleased to find out Animation Mentor was among 10 animation schools being considered for Variety Magazine's "Education Impact List" article. The article features the best schools devoted to acting, comedy, TV production, VFX and animation. I was contacted and answered several questions. I was told they were narrowing it from 10 animation schools to 5. I hoped we'd be in the top 5. Well, the article came out yesterday and they narrowed it down to 2 animation schools and Animation Mentor is one of them!!! We're so excited about this.

It's such an amazing feeling to put something into the world with care and attention to detail. It's amazing to know we're getting recognition for the efforts and it's all due to the amazing people who mentor at our school, the staff who care so much about it and the students who work so hard to be the best animators they can be. I wanted to thank everyone for making this school so amazing and the best place to come to work to each and every day!

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