Monday, March 26, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 6:50 PM
Happy, happy, joy, joy!
Well I'm SUPER happy to announce that I am offically a team rider for Kite Wind Surf and North Kiteboarding!
Working on my own company for years on end I was looking for something to help me balance my life instead of spending every waking moment in front of a computer. On the way home from work one day I happened to glace out at the bay and saw someone riding, what looked like a parachute and a snowboard. I sat there and waited for him to come back in to the little beach area. When he did I asked him all about it and he told me it was called "kiteboarding." He then explained that I needed to take lessons before I ever thought about doing it because it can be quite dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. He told me about this great shop called Kite Wind Surf that taught people how to kiteboard. I immediately went online that night and booked a lesson. After my first two lessons I was hooked. I found something that allows me to turn off and simply enjoy. The sport is so much fun and the people involved are absolutely fantastic! The people are truly the best part.
I've ridden a bunch of kites but chose to ride North Kites on my own because I learned how much time they spent in R&D and innovating their overall designs. Well, I couldn't be more happy to be an offical Team Rider (starting two days ago!) for both Kite Wind Surf and North!!! I truly believe that North makes the best kites on the market and that Kite Wind Surf is the best kiteboarding shop in the entire Bay Area. I am the happiest kid ever!!! I enjoy the sport and I love the feeling of pushing myself every time I'm on the water as well as helping people get into the sport.
In case you were curious how kiteboarding works, here's some awesome folks talking about the sport. Enjoy!