Friday, January 19, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 11:01 PM
A day to remember
January 13th 2007 marked the first ever Animation Mentor graduation. 91 of our graduates flew from all over the world (Brasil, Italy, France, England, Australia, etc) to celebrate the success of completing the program and sharing their enthusiasm and excitement as they go into the world to become professional animators!!! In total over 300 people attended this mega celebration fest and it marks one of the most amazing days of my entire life!

It's so amazing to have an idea in your head and see it grow into something that touches so many lives. I've often heard that "a business is a reflection of its owner(s)." Shawn, Carlos and myself care so much about every detail of what we've created and the team that supports this vision is behind it as much as we are! I'm so very proud of Animation Mentor and what we have put into the world. Is it perfect? No, but that's the beautiful thing about it. I love the challenge of making it the best it can be and the criticism that comes along with that.

This school began as a dream. The dream of giving people around the world the chance to chase after what seemed like an imposibly far fetched dream... the dream of becoming an animator. What people find at Animation Mentor is something more than they may expect. It's not just a bunch of video tutorials or software hype, nor is it just an animation school. It's a supportive family that really cares about each other.

January 13th marked a milestone in my life of seeing Animation Mentor through from concept to graduation. The feeling of completing something like this and seeing our students go out into the world to get jobs at some of the most amazing studios in the world is simply amazing. Seeing the deep friendships created and even a few found "the love of their life" through an internet school is simply something awe inspiring to me. I'm so thankful to all of those who believe in what we are doing and support us in our journey. You know who you are and we could not do it without you. We're just at the beginning of something amazing and I'm just so proud that we took the time, patience and care to "do it right."
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