Saturday, January 6, 2007
Posted by Bobby Beck at 9:36 AM
Costa Rica Wind Trip
I've been so focused over the last few years on my business that I have not taken on any new hobbies. This past May I decided to get into something that would get me outside in the sun and give me the ability to meet new, cool people. I decided to start kiteboarding! I've been riding quite a bit since May 2006 and really enjoy the feeling. I'm also happy to be learning a lot about the sport and helping others learn as they get into it.

We just got back from our "windy" Christmas holiday in Costa Rica, Playa Copal. The trip was so amazing. From the moment we left I was able to turn off my busy brain and just enjoy being human. Being in Costa Rica was a humbling experience because I see how life is so simple at the core, and how easy it is to complicate it, especially in my mind. Being gone for this short time was simply a blessing. I got to enjoy life on a basic and fundamental level and meet some of the coolest people from all over the world who came to enjoy their windy holiday. Being home now has been a bit of a "shock" to the system. I find that I'm driving a bit slower and enjoying the scenery more. I hope I can keep this up because I feel so "in the moment" and I love it! Enjoy 2007!

Photo from our trip in Playa Copal: by Emily Ruoss